Music Distribution

Free music and video distribution, connecting with fans in over 100 countries. Our music distribution platform empowers independent artists and labels to share their music globally.

Music Data Analytics

Gain deep insights into your fanbase and track your music's performance with our music analytics platform. Make informed, meta-driven decisions to grow your career.

Music Publishing & Licensing

Unlock additional revenue opportunities through synch licensing and publishing. Get your music on film, TV, and other media.

Music Marketing & Promotions

Promote your music with our marketing services. We tailor our music marketing strategies and ad campaigns to boost your exposure effectively.

Merch & Sales

Elevate your indie brand with custom merch that fans will love, from apparel to accessories. Stand out and connect with your audience through unique products.

Artist Sponsorship Deals

Secure sponsorship deals that support independent artists. Partner with brands that align with your music and connect with your fanbase on a meaningful level.

Event Marketing

Amplify your presence with strategic event marketing. From small shows to major music festivals, we help you reach the right audience and make your event a success.